sunshine movie

The story of sunshine movie is about a crew of 8 who must set a bomb in the sun to re-ignite it to warm up the freezing earth again.  Eventually they find out that there is only enough oxygen for a few members who will make it back to earth alive and this causes the friction among the crew as to who will live and who will die.  

This movie is an example of how there are so many movies opening that it’s hard to be able to see all of them.  So go rent it! Or check it out at the public library.

More on sunshine movie, including DVD retail and rental release information:

A compelling review.  Cursor down the bottom of page here:  Message boards on this same page share their views.

Lots of videos on making the movie.  Find out how the director, cast, and designers think while using their creative genius to help complete the film.  Let these great minds do all the work so you can just go and enjoy the movie:

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